sábado, 14 de junio de 2008

Whitehouse - Mummy And Daddy(1998)

Whitehouse... one of the fathers/pioneers of P.E. (Power Electronics). As William Bennett(founder of theproject) said "I often fantasised about creating a sound that could bludgeon an audience into submission.", he sure did. Well, i dont have many words to describe them, the ones that know them know that they dont need description. But for the ones that dont know them, ill tell you that P.E. is extreme electronic music, mainly noise and static with shouts and sick samples or lyrics in front of it, and Whitehouse are masters of it. If you want a sick journey listen to this album, they are pretty much addictive. This IS strong. And i must add, they lyrics and samples used on this album are very hard. If youre a sicko you will love the last track "Private". so sit down, relax and masturbate to the soundtrack of degeneration.


1. Philosophy of The Wife-beater
2. Worthless
3. A Cunt Like You
4. Daddo
5. Private

MP3, CBR 192kbps


Disinformation - Sense Data And Perception(2005)

Sadly i dont have too much information about Disinformation, all i know is that its the work of an audio artist wich is focused in the research of audio phenomenons. He works a lot with magnetic fields and static. anyway, this album is a good drone piece, i must say that its also very experimental, hard to describe, and i wouldnt recommend it to everyone, i think this is for people that already has their ears trained to minimalistic experimental music. I must say, this was another case where i didnt know if i should upload the album, so again, if you like it, please buy the album (or the other albums) here.
they are pretty cheap.


1. Kwaidan Part 1
2. Kwaidan Part 3
3. Doppelganger
4. Celebration Part 3
5. Bexleyheath To Dartford
6. London Underground

MP3, CBR 256kbps.

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Hariprasad Chaurasia - The Living Legend of Bansuri Vol.1

The first thing i must say, is that my knowledge on Indian classical music is very very limited, anyway, i personally like the bansuri more than the well known sitar. whats the bansuri? its a indian flaute similar to the traverse flaute. Hariprasad Chaurasia is a master of this instrument, this record is a proof of it. 3 ragas is all he needs to achieve great atmospheres. Well, i dont know if you know, but the indian classical music has a very different aproach than our regular occidental music, they focus on achieving meditative states. i personally can relate this vision and aproach with drone music. if you ask me, this album is one of the best drones you can find, so yes if you like drone metal like Sunn o))), or pure drone like Disinformation (ill upload a album of this project soon btw), you must check this out. Hope this record helps you people meditate a bit, maybe change your state of mind for a while. enjoy.


1.Rag Shivanjali - Alaap & Jod - 41:28
2.Rag Lalit - Alaap & Gat - 22:29
3.Dhun - 11:58

MP3, VBR 224kbps aprox.

download here
if it doesnt work try here
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Daniel Johnston - Welcome To My World(2006)

Almost everyone i know knows about Daniel, but from time to time i meet someone that still hasent heard him. and well, i think everyone should hear daniel at least once. open minded people at least. This album is a very good introduction to Daniel's material, its a compilation of old and new songs, not 100% what i would have picked, but pretty close. so here it is, for the ones that dont know about Daniel, he makes outsider music (And also art in general, paintings, etc). He has some mental problems, diagnosed with bipolar disorder and maniac depression among others, he still manages to create perfect music (in my opinion), i believe honesty is the key word with his art. By the Way, if you get hooked in the music, try to get the 2006 documentary about his life called "The Devil And Daniel Johnston".

1. Peek A Boo (The What Of Whom)
2. Casper The Friendly Ghost (Yip Jump Music)
3. Some Things Last A Long Time (1990)
4. Walking The Cow (Hi How Are You)
5. I'm Nervous (The Lost Recordings)
6. Man Obsessed (The What Of Whom)
7. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances (Yip Jump Music)
8. Never Before Never Again (The What Of Whom)
9. The Sun Shines Down On Me (Don't Be Scared)
10. Chord Organ Blues (Yip Jump Music)
11. Living Life (Songs Of Pain)
12. Speeding Motorcycle (Yip Jump Music)
13. True Love Will Find You In The End (1990)
14. Never Relaxed (Songs Of Pain)
15. Sorry Entertainer (Yip Jump Music)
16. Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me (Continued Story)
17. Lennon Song (Laurie EP)
18. Devil Town (1990)
19. I Had A Dream (Why Me)
20. Laurie (Laurie EP)
21. Story Of An Artist (Don't Be Scared)
22. Funeral Home (Continued Story)

MP3, VBR 192kbps aprox.

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Alvaro Peña - Drinkin My Own Sperm (1977)

What can i say about Alvaro Peña, best thing you can do is visit his web site here. To Make the story short Alvaro, born in Chile, went to live to europe in the 70's, there he continued to make music, he even had a band with joe strummer (the clash), he later focused in his solo carrer. this release was his first solo record, mixing some chilean folk with experimental music. the result is a very fresh, original, authentic and energetic album,hard to describe. a must for atipic music lovers.


1. Side A:
-Latino America
-Palido sol
-Drinkin my own sperm
-Three trees
2. Side B:
-The whip of indifference
-Lost for words

MP3, CBR 320kbps.

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Azur - El Eterno interludio(2007)

Great Experimental/Ambient from Argentina. Recorded in 2006 and 2007. Really worth to check out, i would like to emphasize that if you like it please buy this release, or at least contact the artist, support him someway, email contact is: azur_suena@yahoo.com.ar, support the small artists that are doing such great works.

i must confess i was in doubt of uploading this, but lets give it a try.


1. Cumbres
2. Lluvia Oblicua
3. Que Lado Mira El Sol
4. Mercurio Espectante
5. El Acto
6. Pasto
7. Intervalo
8. Viceversa
9. Emperatriz

MP3, CBR 224kbps, Fraunhofer IIS

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viernes, 13 de junio de 2008

Cold Sun - Dark Shadows (1970)

Psychadelic rock from Austin, Texas (USA). their only album, recorded in 1970, released in 1989. A must for 66-73 psych/rock fans.


1. Ra Ma
2. Here In The Year
3. See What You Cause
4. Twisted Flower
5. South Texas
6. For Ever
7. Fall

MP3, CBR 192kbps

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